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$8,492.44 -2.1%
Ethereum -8.35
$260.24 -3.21%
Zcash -1.23
$86.92 -1.42%
Monero -1.49
$93.24 -1.6%
Tether -0.00
$1.00 -0.25%
Stellar -0.00
$0.13 -2.19%

Energi Security Report — Masternode Scammer Identified Feb. 2019

On Sunday, January 20th, 2019, a scammer masquerading as one of Energi Discord Moderators, ‘mcarper,’ was able to successfully fraud one of our community members who owned an Energi Masternode. The scammer took all the funds from the wallet and sold 66% of the funds for Bitcoin (BTC). Energi Bureau of Investigations (EBI) team discovered

How to spot a high quality airdrop

 So, as the headline speaks, we made this article because we sense that we need to inform you what’s the difference between a high quality airdrop and a scam, ( the market  is full off scams). However, it’s pretty difficult to find a good or at least a

Video Airdrops powerd by GenesisPlayer

WHAT ARE VIDEO AIRDROPS? GenesisPlayer is a video player used by blockchain projects, that rewards viewers for their attention with tokens directly through the player. The tool, which can be easily embedded across the web is very successful at reaching a crypto enthusiast community, building brand awareness and capturing user data. With close to 100k existing

Example of one of the best airdrops to date (Energi)

Energi Airdrop Since we’re all here for one reason and that is cryptocurrency, we think the best thing to do right now is to share with you our experience with energi airdrop we’ve recently completed. We all know what an “airdrop” is and in these days it’s pretty hard to find a decent one. However

How to spot a fake airdrop

Safety first with Airdrops   Most crypto airdrops are real marketing efforts intended to reward and grow its supporters. Over the past 12 months, airdrops have become the most successful ICO marketing strategy. However, there are quite a few frauds that launch fake airdrops with the intent of screwing its participants over. They are looking to

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