coinEx exchange

Coinex is a newer exchange that is supported among many others by Bitmain. Its standout feature is that its main currency is BCH (Bitcoin Cash) unlike the vast majority of other exchanges.

coinex exchange


  • Founded in December 2017 with its headquarters in Hong Kong, CoinEx offers low-cost coin-to-coin trading in wide range of cryptocujrrenciesIt appears this exchange focuses on Bitcoin Cash and also plans to launch its own coin, CoinEx Token (CET), in the near future. CoinEx also plans to build a decentralized exchange which uses CET as “gas”.
  • Fiat currencies, like US, EUR or HK dollars are not accepted at CoinEx. Supporting fiat currencies is an advantage, especially for investors who don’t have any coins yet. Accordingly, the only payment methods accepted by the exchange, are blockchain transfers.
Usability & Functionality
  • The interface is clean and easy to use, although the BCH default pairing can be confusing at times.
Ease of starting trading
  • The first time I used Coinex was to trade HYDRO. I was surprised on how fast it was to start trading.
Security & Fairness
  • No major incidents have been reported.
Coin variety
  • Plenty of coins, although being a newer exchange it has less coins that older ones. Still enough to sell your crypto airdrop (for example HYDRO only had an airdrop, no ICO)
  • Fast & easy.

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