Example of one of the best airdrops to date (Energi)

energi airdrop
Energi Airdrop

Since we’re all here for one reason and that is cryptocurrency, we think the best thing to do right now is to share with you our experience with energi airdrop we’ve recently completed. We all know what an “airdrop” is and in these days it’s pretty hard to find a decent one.

However about 2 days ago someone told us about an airdrop he finished named ENERGI which is listed on coinmarketcap and that in a month he received the equivalent of 100$ just because he did some simple tasks. Honestly we couldn’t believe him. But he shared with us a link where we could learn more about the Energi project.

First of all, we should introduce you to their project. From our point of view, it looks sustainable and focused on long term development. Here’s an excerpt on how the project describe itself: “Energi is the cryptocurrency for world adoption. Energi will achieve this by fostering a self-funding and governance system, absorbing and innovating the most advanced technology in the space — including full smart contract capabilities, and infinite scalability. Further, by removing the cryptocurrency space’s common barriers to entry, Energi will become the most user-friendly, secure and trusted platform for building and trading value.”
That’s just a short story, but if that got you, we recommend to visit their “Whitepaper” where you will find many other additional information about it here.

So after all those things, we’ve decided to complete it too since it was so easy to do. After one month of waiting, voilla we got our first real profit from an airdrop. To be honest it looked pretty unreal and we still couldn’t believe it. But since they keep it real with their participants we decided to spread the word about their project.

How to claim your free tokens:

I hope we got your attention and that you are pretty curious how to get in possession of those 100 Energi tokens that now are worth $ 100 (and increasing in value daily). Let’s take us you step-by-step through it and at the end of this you will thank to “Airdropdaddy” team .

Maybe you’re an experienced player or a newbie in this “airdrop” game. It doesn’t matter. It will be easy to finish. So here’s the deal. In the beginning you have to access this link and register (thanks for using our referral link 🙂 ) . After registering on their platform you will be asked to confirm your account through e-mail and then to verify your phone number by SMS.

The second step is to create a wallet through an application named “Coinomi”. Can be easily find on “Appstore” or “Googleplay”, with just one simple search. Now since you’ve downloaded the app, the next thing to do is to create a wallet. It’s not that hard because the app will show you the way of it. Oh…and here’s a tip for you. When you create your wallet write the “Recovery Phrase” on a piece of paper. You’ll never knew when they will ask for it. Official instructions can be found here.
Good, since you are done with those tasks, they will redirect you to a list where you will find some blank spaces where you will complete with your name and the other information, like 2 selfies holding your ID and another one where you write on a sheet the date when you took the photo and “#ENERGI”.

And from now on it depends on you, and how active you are on social-media platforms because you have to perform some easy tasks (subscribe, like, share or comment) on : Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Discord, Telegram, Github and Linked-in. All you need is an account on these platforms. It isn’t that complicated. And…yeah, that was it not so difficult.

From the perspective of #AirdropDaddy team this airdrop is a #TottallyWorthIt. Many airdrops aren’t easy to be trusted in the #BearMarket period, they tend to delay their distribution, cancel their project or worse to scam their investors.

Good luck with it! For full details about energi airdrop click here !

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