How to spot a fake airdrop

scam airdropSafety first with Airdrops 

Most crypto airdrops are real marketing efforts intended to reward and grow its supporters. Over the past 12 months, airdrops have become the most successful ICO marketing strategy.

However, there are quite a few frauds that launch fake airdrops with the intent of screwing its participants over. They are looking to get emails, ID photos and especially private keys to wallets. Emails and user data will be sold to marketing companies so your inbox will be spammed full of irrelevant content. But what’s worse, if you reveal the private keys, your hard earned crypto tokens will be gone in a second.

So we made a list of red flags that you need to watch out for to avoid a scam airdrop:
  • They don’t ask for your public key (wallet address) or don’t have their own platform where you can login on the web. If they don’t know where to send the tokens means they won’t send the tokens.
  • Airdrop gives you a huge reward. If it’s too high (by high I mean over 100$) it’s a big  probability that you encountered with a scam.
  • They ask you to download a ‘new’ wallet. Viruses and all kind of spyware can hide in these new download
  • The team profiles on Linkedin don’t mention working on the project that does the airdrop. This is a big red flag as the profile links can be fake so you think the project is legit.
  • Never send/donate ETH or pay for an airdrop
  • Be careful with airdrops who require a KYC. KYC (Know Your Customer) is used for many ICO’s because they require that you share your information to participate in token sales. If you do not plan on purchasing tokens during a projects ICO, then be very careful if you want to complete a KYC for an airdrop.
  • They ask for your private keys. Again, never ever reveal your private keys to anyone. They can give you a multitude of reasons, from verifying that you received the tokens to checking that the wallet is compatible. Don’t fall for this.


Be safe out there. And remember, Daddy will only give you 100% safe and secure airdrops.



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