How to spot a high quality airdrop

quality airdrop 

  So, as the headline speaks, we made this article because we sense that we need to inform you what’s the difference between a high quality airdrop and a scam, ( the market  is full off scams).

However, it’s pretty difficult to find a good or at least a decent airdrop. Unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of projects since we have started the #AirdropDaddy site and selected the best ones just for you (here’s an example ), but it was pretty tough.

Most of them attract their possible participants and investors with some vague projects or an exaggerated amount of money per airdrop.

In some cases, start-ups tend to delay their distribution, with a week/month or maybe a year. Although, it isn’t the project’s fault because most of them don’t attract many investors to reach their minimum goal.

In the next part of this article we’ll explain you at what you should look at when you want to participate at an airdrop.

1) First of all, when you are looking at an airdrop as a participant the first thing that comes to your mind is: “How much do I get?”. Yes, that’s the most common question we put when we look at an airdrop. But do we wonder if that amount is tangible?

Everyone is impressed by a 100$ (eg). But when it comes the day to receive the money we see that the 100$ becomes 1$ or worse.

Our first advice when you look at an airdrop is that you should be rational and think if that amount of money will really come in your possession. Most of them promise a lot, but most of the time they tend to exaggerate.

Whenever you’re looking for an airdrop, do not hesitate to do the others who promise like 1-5$ because that’s a realistic prize.

2) Another important thing when you spot an airdrop is to verify their team on LinkedIn. See if they have the experience in domain to coordinate the project are you looking at. An ICO can’t be trusted since the member have lack of experience.

3) Verifiy the RoadMap and check the progress. When you want to participate at an airdrop the main thing you should visit first when you acces their site is the RoadMap. There you can see the progress of the project.

If it looks like this :

Honestly, that’s a waste of time. This map doesn’t show any significant progress till now just some research, whitepaper and private sale which it doesn’t mean so much. Those things can be developed under a year.

But if the road map looks like this :

It means that the project has make a real progress since they launched their own app, they launched an MVP and a beta.

4) A high value project will most of the time have its token listed on a high-volume exchange. In this link we’ve explained about it. Energi is an airdrop we recently found which is listed on

If you ever see any airdrop in which is mentioned this :

That means that the project is serious about creating a success story for its adopters.


5) Another important thing you should look at when you participate at an airdrop is the social-media activity. Check their Twitter, Facebook, Medium everything is possible. See if they are keeping up to date their followers with the events, conferences, presentations they participate at.

These are our strength points when we select an airdrop for #AirdropDaddy. As a tip every time you want to select an airdrop, remember those steps we wrote on this article. Remember that #Daddy will always care for you 😉 !

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